Cancer is not an automatic death sentence. Cancer is just a diversion from the life we thought we were going to lead. Cancer has its own mind and it doesnt care how old you are, how healthy you are or what your skin color is. Cancer has no boundaries and it doesnt really care to cross the boundaries that we have set. Cancer just doesnt care!
Let me tell you who cares! Who cares is your family. Who cares is your friends, who cares are those fabulous doctors who have spent years and countless amounts of money educating themselves on how to take care of us. Who cares are the scientist who pour countless hours and sleepless nights researcing our cancer cells in hopes of finding a cure.  Who cares are the nurses who hold your hand when you have a melt down. Who cares is our children who needs us and our husbands and wives who want us! Who care are our moms and dads, brothers and sisters who is living thru this cancer hell with us!
Finally who cares is the competitive fighter and survivor within ourself that will not allow us to give in to cancer but welcomes the challenge of a diversion in our life. I AM A SURVIVOR! I AM COMPETITIVE! I AM A FIGHTER!!!!


One thought on “Cancer

  1. wwfd301 says:

    You are so right! So many people care! When my sister was going through her cancer treatments and her surgery to remove her esophagus and part of her stomach, I was sick with worry and was at the hospital every chance I could get. When I couldn’t get there, I worried even more. So glad you are here to share your experiences! I am sure many people with cancer will find this site very inspiring and will give them another reason to fight! It will also help those around them to understand.

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