This week has been a struggle….An amazing friend lost his mother and it has been heartbreaking to see the sadness in the eyes of the family.  Although Nanny Hunt is no longer suffering and is laying in the arms of Jesus with no pain she will still be missed by many here on Earth.

My point for this is to NEVER take one day for granted!  ALWAYS let the ones you love and care about most know how you feel!  Live Each Day as it is your last and DON’T have Regrets!

During a time of grief it is so easy to turn to food or other forms of gluteny. Remember this:  Food does not take the pain of losing someone you love away.  Food is not the answer but prayer, time and memories are.  Hold your memories and love closer to your heart and you will make it through!  Love yourself enough to know that You will be ok and that your loved one would want you to be Truly Happy!

RIP Susan (Nanny) Hunt



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