My Daddy

Life is such a blessing…..Life is something that Never needs to be taken for granted.

My daddy is in town visiting me and it has been such a blessed time!  He told me something though that really struck a cord that I just don’t ever think about.  He said “You know baby, I probably only have 15 maybe 20 years left with you”.  My reaction was “Daddy, don’t be talking like that….I don’t want to hear it”.  Daddy said “Well baby you do know I am going to be 73 this year”  I said to him “73 is still young and you have a lot more living to do”.  My dads reaction was this “YOU GOT THAT RIGHT BABY!  I AM LIVING EVERY DAY TO THE FULLEST!”  There ya go daddy!  Life life!!!!

I love my daddy so much and have so much to be thankful for.  His wisdom is beyond anyones I know and he always has loved me and my 3 sisters no matter what we have done in life! He is the reason that I am who I am today, No Doubt!  I have much of his personality traits and pray that I can be half as good of a person as he is.


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