Have you ever felt alone in your journey to a happier and healthier, fit life?  Have you ever felt that you have nobody to lean on, nobody to look to and nobody to push you when you need a push.  Well I am feeling somewhat that way right at this moment.

I have been on my journey to a healthier me since January 25, 2010.  The first year I had a great support system with my friends at Blount Wellness Center and let me tell you I miss them terribly!  I am guessing that people believe that since I have opened my own Fitness Studio that I don’t need support, that I don’t need to be pushed.  Let me tell you, right now today, I NEED THIS!  Today is a day that I just want to say “I am tired of trying!  I am tired of being stuck!  I am tired of being tired!”  But guess what?  I love myself and how far I have come enough to not do this!  I will push myself, I will hold myself accountable and I will NEVER GIVE UP!  Giving up is not in my blood and I refuse to allow these feelings to creep in and take over my mind.

Just a reminder to you all:  Just because I own a Fitness Studio does not mean that I don’t need a push now and then.  It does not mean that I don’t have days that I just wanna throw in the towel.  It does not mean that I am perfect.  I am human, I have days and today just so happens to be one of those days!

Now, lets get to business and get this life going today and be the best that we can be!  I may feel alone sometimes but I know I am never alone!  I have my Inspired Fitness Family to lean on when needed


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