Lifes Hardships

It is the hardships that we have in life that do nothing but make us stronger.  We can either dwell on the harships or learn from them.  Nobody said that life was going to be easy or burden free.  If that was the case life would be boring.

In my book it is the tough times that have made me stronger and that have helped to mold me to be the strong and positive person that I am today.  I get my positive attitude from my amazing daddy!!!  He is not a worry wart and neither am I… philosophy is this…..”Why worry about the unkown?  Why dwell on the unseen?  Why not just live day to day and live your best!!!!

My life growing up was by no means easy.  I came from a broken home…my mom left my dad when I was 13 years old and my oldest sister was 18.  I was an unwed mother at 17, stricken with Cancer at 22 then again at 30.  Guess who through all of this was my contstant?  My daddy!  He has always been and will always be my solid rock!!!  He is my HERO and has always been my proud supporter through everything that I have done.

I know this blog is all over the place but today I just want everyone to know….Even though sometimes life is Hard it is our choice to stay in the game and play or to sit at the sidelines and watch life pass by.  I refuse to let life pass me by…I will let my hardships continue to mold me and make me stronger because in the end, it is my life to live and live it I will do!