Ups & Downs

With all of the Ups in life we are bound to have Downs as well.  I am a prime example of both.  Currently I am going through a Down period in my life.  Life is a little difficult, I am having some health issues as well which means since October of 2012 through today I have gained back 15lbs.  Yes, I said it….I have GAINED 15 lbs. 

A weight loss journey is just that, a journey.  It will be full of ups and downs and twist and turns.  Some of the things we have no control over but what we do have is the control of how we react.  

With the downs that I have been having I have developed some stomach issues which the Doctors are trying to figure out.  Certain foods I cannot tolerate and then there are certain foods that I can and of course the ones that I can tolerate are not good for me.  So, do I continue eating the stuff that is bad for me and not have my belly hurt all the time or do I eat the stuff that is healthier and risk having nausea and bloating and a constant pain in my gut or do I just go to a Gluten Free liquid diet until they can give me a diagnosis? 

All I can say is this….I am miserable….I am tired….I am irritable….I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin right now.  It has been a very long time since I have felt this way.  What am I gonna do about it????  I am going to start eating all the right things again, clean eating only….I am going to deal with the pain the best that I can because eating clean is better for me then eating the other stuff.  I am going to concentrate more on me instead of putting myself on the back burner so much. I will do what ever I need to do to get myself back to that good place in my life.  I will remind myself that I have been in worse situations and I have always come out victorious and that This Too Shall Pass! 

I will over come because I AM WORTH IT!!!!


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