2nd Week Results from Going FIERCE! NO Pills or Powders Needed!

What a great 2nd week this has been working with Ashley at Fierce Forward.  Nothing in life comes easy and this is no different.  I have literally hurt in places I forgot I even had or maybe its just I never knew I had them :-/ 

I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself for staying true to my program and for sticking to it even when it was so hard.  Like I have said before I am used to things coming pretty easy to me when it comes to exercise but Ashely has truly tested me every single day.  There has not been a day or a work out that I have done that has been easy and you know what I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!  I love the challenge and I am loving the results!!  This week I can actually see a difference in my body when I put the starting picture and my yesterday picture side by side.  My hips are shrinking….wooooo hooooo!

So, what are this weeks results?  Drum roll please 🙂

I am down 4.75 inches this past week for a grand total of 10.25 down in two weeks!  Now that my friends is UHHHHHMAZING!!!!

All of my inches have been lost by Eating Great Healthy and Satisfying foods along with an amazing exercise program.  NO PILLS, NO POWDERS, NO NASTY DRINKS, It is ME and the will to want it bad enough and an AWESOME trainer who believes in me!

Thanks again Ashley Johns!!!  Lets keep pushing forward, FIGHTING FOR LIFE LIVED FIERCE!  XOXO

Today I Faced a Fear and Succeeded

September 15, 2009 one of my ulitmate fears happened.  I was swept out into the Ocean by a rip tide in Panance City Beach, Florida and one of my worse fears is that of drowning.  I was roughly 150-200 yards off shore but I was bound and determined not to allow the ocean to have me.  You see the Ocean is my favorite place to go.  It is a place where I can let all my troubles stay away and where I can just unwind and not have a care in this world.

Today, May 26,2013 I faced the ocean.  I went out into the water and not only did I go out in to the water I went out to a sand bar.  I then floated on a little floaty thing with my legs up and just enjoyed the water.  I have not been able to do this since that sacrey September day but today I chose to face it.  I chose to take on the ocean and I chose to win!

Not a big deal to some but to me this was a major accomplishment.  I faced a fear today that I was not sure I would ever be able to face and I Succeeded!  For that I AM PROUD!

1st Weeks Results from going to the Fierce Side :-)

This past week has been the most challenging week in my journey in a very long time.   i have been working with Ashley Johns of Fierce Forward and it has been this best decision that I ever could have made.  Ashley has pushed me to limits I didn’t even know existed and it has been hard, there were some things I said “seriously, I have to do that” and of course I did it and I was challenged and I LOVED IT!!!  Bring me a challenge and I will bust my butt do conquer it.  I am still a work in progress, I am still learning something new every single day, I am pusHing myself and I am getting the results.  I was so excited yesterday when I did my 1st week measurements.  I looked at that tape measure and I was like “Can this be really happening?”  Can this happen in just one week?  If this is what has come off of me in one week I can only imagine what the end of 12 weeks is going to show!

You are probably saying “Andi, you are a PT you should know these things”  and guess what you are right, I do know these things but sometimes even a PT needs a PT.  Sometimes a PT needs a push from a different set of eyes and a totally different perspective.  So, Ashley is my new set of eyes and a fresh perspective on my life and I couldn’t be happier than I am now working with her. 

So would you like to hear the numbers from the first week?  Ok, here goes 🙂

Chest – Down 1/4 inch

True Waist – Down 1/2 inch

Belly Button – Down 1/2 inch

Hips – Down 3/4 inch

Left Thigh – Down 1 inch

Right Thigh – Down 1 Inch

Left Arm – Down 1 inch

Right Arm – Down 1/2 inch

Total Inches lost – 5 1/2 inches!  YAY ME!!!!

New Adventures – New Life

The past year has been a major roller coaster ride for myself and my entire family.  I am not one to openly post about my personal life and this will be no different.  Just know that Life is not always a bed of roses and a box of chocolates.  Life throws us curve balls and we can either choose to strike out and keep playing or to sit on the bench and watch it pass us by.  I have chosen to continue playing and to continue living.

As most of you know I have battled my weight for sometime now.  Lets see, 23 years to be exact.  I had lost a total of 93 lbs as of Oct. 2012 and was so happy and so excited.  Sadly, that excitement left me as I was going through some personal things and since Oct of last year I have gained back a total of 20 lbs, you see I am human.  I have had to reevaluate a lot of things in my life and to decide what was most important to me.  I have made a major decision and that is to put my Life First and foremost and it has to be in the forefront.  Is this a selfish act?  It sure is and it is an act that myself and my Doctor has decided that needs to happen. 

Since the decision to put myself first I have now lost back 7 lbs of what I had gained.  I have also taken a step forward and on Monday, May 13 started working with an amazing health coach named Ashley Johns with Fierce Forward and this my friends has been the BEST DESCISION I have ever made!  I am working harder then I have ever worked before.  I am being challenged in ways I have never dreamed of and I have found that SPARK that I used to have when my journey began.  My spark is back and I am on a mission of TOTAL self love, self dedication, self control, accountability and I am loving it!

If you would like to follow my 12 week journey with Ashley then follow me here 🙂  I am ready to continue changing my life for the better! I feel in order to fullfill my PURPOSE in life and that is to help others, I have to help myself first.

 What will you do to put yourself in the forefront of life?




Polar once again has out done themself with a new amazing color in their tremendously awesome line of Heart Rate Monitors.

The reason I love POLAR is because they keep you accountable on your work outs. The monitors are the most accurate and your monitor can sync directly to the Polar Personal Trainer web site by using the POLAR FlowLink. Since getting the FlowLink for my HRM I have paid even more closer attention to what I am doing in my work outs. It is not always about how many calories that you burn but what Intensity you are working out in and what zone. I love that my monitor tells me I am improving in my Fat Burning Zone! BURN BABY BURN!!!

So, if you are in the market for a heart rate monitor then POLAR is definitely the way to go!



I am just a tad bit puzzled with people who are more worried about repping something one time for a ginormous amount and risking major injury for nothing but being able to say “Oh my goodness I squatted 450lbs today” or “I bench pressed 325” or “I am so stoked that I leg pressed 600lbs today”.

Really? Seriously? Is that one rep making you that much stronger and that much healthier and fit? Does that one rep define who you are and what you are about? I personally just do not get it….I don’t get these types of records. I guess this is what seperates me and what I believe in from the other folks in the health and fitness industry. I am all about helping people build healthier and fit lives. Teaching people what they can do on a daily basis to become stonger both mentally and physically, to overcome obstacles that they never dreamed that they could overcome. Teaching people it isn’t necessary how much you can lift but making sure that you are performing your exercises with proper form and technique so you can avoid injury. I help people to make changes for a life time and not for a moment.

These 1 rep Personal Records do not impress me. What impresses me is seeing you busting your ass in the gym or at home building your body in to an amazing machine of healthy and lean muscles. Eating proper nutritious foods and working daily on building who you are emotionally to be stronger.

Then again, it isn’t about you impressing me at all….Its about You being the Best You that you can be without hiding behind numbers.



Life has its ups and downs that is 100% true. Not every day is like walking in a soft grassy field full of butterflies and daisies. Life is sometimes hard and other tiimes unbearable but we have to go deep within ourselves and find what motivates us to press forward.

What motivates me? What motivates me is knowing how far I have come. All the blood, sweat and tears that I have endured throughout this life. What motivates me is that I have 2 beautiful grand children and a third one on the way that needs their Naunie to be healthy so that I can get on the floor and roll around and play with them without feeling like I am going to collapse. Motivation is looking deep within myself and knowing that I have done what I have done in my life and I have lived through many things in my life because I have a TRUE PURPOSE.

My motivation is knowing that my purpose is to help others to help themself and realizing that they are worth fighting for!

Life is too short so find your motivation to LIVE!