Life has its ups and downs that is 100% true. Not every day is like walking in a soft grassy field full of butterflies and daisies. Life is sometimes hard and other tiimes unbearable but we have to go deep within ourselves and find what motivates us to press forward.

What motivates me? What motivates me is knowing how far I have come. All the blood, sweat and tears that I have endured throughout this life. What motivates me is that I have 2 beautiful grand children and a third one on the way that needs their Naunie to be healthy so that I can get on the floor and roll around and play with them without feeling like I am going to collapse. Motivation is looking deep within myself and knowing that I have done what I have done in my life and I have lived through many things in my life because I have a TRUE PURPOSE.

My motivation is knowing that my purpose is to help others to help themself and realizing that they are worth fighting for!

Life is too short so find your motivation to LIVE!


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