I am just a tad bit puzzled with people who are more worried about repping something one time for a ginormous amount and risking major injury for nothing but being able to say “Oh my goodness I squatted 450lbs today” or “I bench pressed 325” or “I am so stoked that I leg pressed 600lbs today”.

Really? Seriously? Is that one rep making you that much stronger and that much healthier and fit? Does that one rep define who you are and what you are about? I personally just do not get it….I don’t get these types of records. I guess this is what seperates me and what I believe in from the other folks in the health and fitness industry. I am all about helping people build healthier and fit lives. Teaching people what they can do on a daily basis to become stonger both mentally and physically, to overcome obstacles that they never dreamed that they could overcome. Teaching people it isn’t necessary how much you can lift but making sure that you are performing your exercises with proper form and technique so you can avoid injury. I help people to make changes for a life time and not for a moment.

These 1 rep Personal Records do not impress me. What impresses me is seeing you busting your ass in the gym or at home building your body in to an amazing machine of healthy and lean muscles. Eating proper nutritious foods and working daily on building who you are emotionally to be stronger.

Then again, it isn’t about you impressing me at all….Its about You being the Best You that you can be without hiding behind numbers.


One thought on “Puzzled

  1. Speaking from my own personal experience here…but about once a month I try to go heavier on a specific movement. It’s a gauge for me to show me how much stronger I’ve become over the course of that last month. No, that one move doesn’t make me stronger, it’s the work that I’ve done the previous 29 days that makes me stronger.

    Today is was the chest press. I was able to go 5 pounds heavier than I did last month, which shows me that yes, I have increased my strength and fitness.

    That’s how it works for me 🙂

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