New Adventures – New Life

The past year has been a major roller coaster ride for myself and my entire family.  I am not one to openly post about my personal life and this will be no different.  Just know that Life is not always a bed of roses and a box of chocolates.  Life throws us curve balls and we can either choose to strike out and keep playing or to sit on the bench and watch it pass us by.  I have chosen to continue playing and to continue living.

As most of you know I have battled my weight for sometime now.  Lets see, 23 years to be exact.  I had lost a total of 93 lbs as of Oct. 2012 and was so happy and so excited.  Sadly, that excitement left me as I was going through some personal things and since Oct of last year I have gained back a total of 20 lbs, you see I am human.  I have had to reevaluate a lot of things in my life and to decide what was most important to me.  I have made a major decision and that is to put my Life First and foremost and it has to be in the forefront.  Is this a selfish act?  It sure is and it is an act that myself and my Doctor has decided that needs to happen. 

Since the decision to put myself first I have now lost back 7 lbs of what I had gained.  I have also taken a step forward and on Monday, May 13 started working with an amazing health coach named Ashley Johns with Fierce Forward and this my friends has been the BEST DESCISION I have ever made!  I am working harder then I have ever worked before.  I am being challenged in ways I have never dreamed of and I have found that SPARK that I used to have when my journey began.  My spark is back and I am on a mission of TOTAL self love, self dedication, self control, accountability and I am loving it!

If you would like to follow my 12 week journey with Ashley then follow me here 🙂  I am ready to continue changing my life for the better! I feel in order to fullfill my PURPOSE in life and that is to help others, I have to help myself first.

 What will you do to put yourself in the forefront of life?


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