1st Weeks Results from going to the Fierce Side :-)

This past week has been the most challenging week in my journey in a very long time.   i have been working with Ashley Johns of Fierce Forward and it has been this best decision that I ever could have made.  Ashley has pushed me to limits I didn’t even know existed and it has been hard, there were some things I said “seriously, I have to do that” and of course I did it and I was challenged and I LOVED IT!!!  Bring me a challenge and I will bust my butt do conquer it.  I am still a work in progress, I am still learning something new every single day, I am pusHing myself and I am getting the results.  I was so excited yesterday when I did my 1st week measurements.  I looked at that tape measure and I was like “Can this be really happening?”  Can this happen in just one week?  If this is what has come off of me in one week I can only imagine what the end of 12 weeks is going to show!

You are probably saying “Andi, you are a PT you should know these things”  and guess what you are right, I do know these things but sometimes even a PT needs a PT.  Sometimes a PT needs a push from a different set of eyes and a totally different perspective.  So, Ashley is my new set of eyes and a fresh perspective on my life and I couldn’t be happier than I am now working with her. 

So would you like to hear the numbers from the first week?  Ok, here goes 🙂

Chest – Down 1/4 inch

True Waist – Down 1/2 inch

Belly Button – Down 1/2 inch

Hips – Down 3/4 inch

Left Thigh – Down 1 inch

Right Thigh – Down 1 Inch

Left Arm – Down 1 inch

Right Arm – Down 1/2 inch

Total Inches lost – 5 1/2 inches!  YAY ME!!!!


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