Today I Faced a Fear and Succeeded

September 15, 2009 one of my ulitmate fears happened.  I was swept out into the Ocean by a rip tide in Panance City Beach, Florida and one of my worse fears is that of drowning.  I was roughly 150-200 yards off shore but I was bound and determined not to allow the ocean to have me.  You see the Ocean is my favorite place to go.  It is a place where I can let all my troubles stay away and where I can just unwind and not have a care in this world.

Today, May 26,2013 I faced the ocean.  I went out into the water and not only did I go out in to the water I went out to a sand bar.  I then floated on a little floaty thing with my legs up and just enjoyed the water.  I have not been able to do this since that sacrey September day but today I chose to face it.  I chose to take on the ocean and I chose to win!

Not a big deal to some but to me this was a major accomplishment.  I faced a fear today that I was not sure I would ever be able to face and I Succeeded!  For that I AM PROUD!


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