2nd Week Results from Going FIERCE! NO Pills or Powders Needed!

What a great 2nd week this has been working with Ashley at Fierce Forward.  Nothing in life comes easy and this is no different.  I have literally hurt in places I forgot I even had or maybe its just I never knew I had them :-/ 

I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself for staying true to my program and for sticking to it even when it was so hard.  Like I have said before I am used to things coming pretty easy to me when it comes to exercise but Ashely has truly tested me every single day.  There has not been a day or a work out that I have done that has been easy and you know what I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!  I love the challenge and I am loving the results!!  This week I can actually see a difference in my body when I put the starting picture and my yesterday picture side by side.  My hips are shrinking….wooooo hooooo!

So, what are this weeks results?  Drum roll please 🙂

I am down 4.75 inches this past week for a grand total of 10.25 down in two weeks!  Now that my friends is UHHHHHMAZING!!!!

All of my inches have been lost by Eating Great Healthy and Satisfying foods along with an amazing exercise program.  NO PILLS, NO POWDERS, NO NASTY DRINKS, It is ME and the will to want it bad enough and an AWESOME trainer who believes in me!

Thanks again Ashley Johns!!!  Lets keep pushing forward, FIGHTING FOR LIFE LIVED FIERCE!  XOXO


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