3rd Week Fierce Check In…..I lost even While On Vacation

I am so enjoying my program with Ashley Johns at Fierce Forward.  The work outs are tailored for me as well as my food program so even while I was on vacation I was able to do what I needed to do on my program.  Did I sway a little from my food?  Sure!  I was on vacation and Ashley told me that she wanted me to use my own judgment and to have a good time but to stay smart about it and not to go overboard….So that is what I did.  I enjoyed my vacation.

While at the beach I worked out 5 of the 8 days because 2 days of the 8 I was on the road.  I loved my beach work outs and while I had to change things up a bit because they did not have all of the equipment I am used to I still felt the hurt so good moments of what I was doing to help transform my body.

I also have the best work out partner and accountability partner that I could ever ask for in Melinda Watson.  She lets me know I need to push harder, she raises her voice at me if I act like I want to stop (and let me tell you sometimes I feel like I could puke) and is always a positive voice.  So without further hesitation I want to let you know that while I was on vacation, enjoying myself and having some much needed rest and relaxation I was successful and I lost another 1-1/2 inches from my body.  So now my grand total in the 3 weeks that I have been working with Ashley at Fierce Forward I have melted 11-3/4 inches off of my body and I could not be more excited!  Maybe one day soon I will be brave enough to show you my pictures but just not yet 🙂  You may have to wait on that one until I am a little further in to my journey of being FIERCE!!!


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