4 Week Fierce Check In

Well peeps what an amazing 4 weeks it has been for me working with Ashley Johns with Fierce Forward.  I have worked hard before with my journey but let me tell you what these past 4 weeks have been FIERCLY HARD but oh so worth it!!!  I have accomplished more in the past 4 weeks then I ever imagined that I would.  I have pushed myself and have been pushed to my absolute limits in so many ways.  Ashley knows what she is doing that is for sure.  She custom built my program for ME around MY NEEDS and my fitness level.

I have to honestly say that without the push of my best friend, Melinda Watson, that I am not sure that I could have accomplished what I have these past 4 weeks.  When I have looked at the work outs and said “Are You Freaking Kidding Me?” or “Holy Crap this is the hardest thing I have ever done” Melinda looks at me and said “This is what You Need and This is what you asked for so get over it and do it sister”. And guess what?  She is right.  This is EXACTLY WHAT I NEED!  This is EXACTLY what I ASKED FOR and I have absolutely no regrets.

I chose to be committed to myself and to my program and to put myself first in this journey.  One thing I know is that if you are serious about wanting to become healthier and fit you have to make the commitment to yourself.  You have to accept your body and be willing to do the work that it takes to become healthy and fit.  YOU and ONLY YOU can make that choice and commitment to yourself.  I choose ME and I am happier then  have ever been in a long time.

Has this journey over the past 4 weeks been easy?  He%$ NO but let me tell you it has been so worth it!  I am serious about my health and I am serious about my journey so watch out world this FIERCE WOMAN is coming and nothing can stop me from succeeding!

So, would you like to see my numbers?  Well, here ya go 🙂

Chest – Down 1-3/4 inches

Waist – Down 2-1/4 inches

Waist at Belly Button – Down 2-1/4 inches

Hips – Down 1-3/4 inches

Left Leg – Down 1-3/4 inches

Right Leg – Down 1-1/2 inches

Left Arm – Down 1-1/2 inches

Right Arm – Down 1 inch

Total Inches Lost in 4 Weeks = 13-3/4 Inches

Wooooo hooooo!!!  I am just too excited and cannot wait to see what the next 4 weeks will hold 🙂


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