5 Week Fierce Check In

Well I know it is past due for my post but I was out of town enjoying family time with my sisters and my daddy.  That time away, however, did not stop me from my 5 week measurements for my Fierce Plan!

As time passes by,Image one would think that the process gets easier but I have to say for me the process gets harder.  I keep pushing myself, I am upping my weights and I am struggling with my food.  Not the fact of what I am eating, because I eat pretty darn clean, but it is the fact that I get bored with food.  I don’t eat enough some of the time either and for the program I am on eating is crucial and I have to make my food my #1 Priority!

I am pleased to say that in my 5th week I lost another inch from my body and guess where it came from?  Wooooo hooooo it came off of my thunderous thighs!!!! 

We all need to realize that whether we lose a 1/2 inch or 6 inches it is Forward Progress and I am proud to be moving Fiercely Forward in the right direction of my health and fitness!

5 Weeks Done and a total of 14-3/4 inches are GONE from my body!!!!  I am more than pleased, I am Elated!!!!  Hard Work – Dedication and the Power to Never Want to Stop!  I LOVE ME enough to continue and I will conquer!


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