Sweaty Bands Review and Giveaway

Sweaty Bands Review and Giveaway

Sweaty Bands was great to allow me to do a product review on their head bands. As most of you know I am a head band fanatic so I jumped at the chance to try this product out.

What is a Sweaty Band?

Sweaty Bands are the number one fitness headbands in the world and the hottest accessory on the planet! The simple design gives you a no-slip solution to top off any look. We offer more than a thousand colors, patterns and print combinations that empower women and girls to express their unique style. Sweaty Bands grip and hold your hair during the most strenuous of workouts, all without slipping, tugging or pulling. From yoga classes or marathons to hanging out with friends or happy hour, Sweaty Bands are a must for your workouts or everyday wear.

So with out further ado I have to give the Sweaty Bands 2 thumbs up. I put this band through it with my work out. I did cardio intervals, I pumped some iron and I worked on my Kettle Bell Hand Stand. The Sweaty Band never moved out of place.

Sweaty Bands was also very generous in donating a amazingly cute band for me to Giveaway so click on the link to my Inspired Fitness Page to enter the giveaway. THANK YOU Sweaty Bands for allowing me this opportunity!


9 thoughts on “Sweaty Bands Review and Giveaway

  1. Keri says:

    I have never tried Sweaty Bands but would love to! I’m always searching for comfortable headbands that will stay in place while I run and do my workouts as well as when I’m out & about. 🙂

  2. Sam says:

    I’m in desperate need of something that stays put while I’m working out. i have A LOT of hair and the last thing I need is it falling in my face during an intense workout!

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