7 Weeks after going to The FIERCE SIDE

Well after 7 weeks of being on the Fierce Side my progress is still moving downward in the right direction.  The numbers are still surprising and I am loving the fact that my thunderous thighs are finally getting smaller 🙂  That is such a plus in my book because my thighs have been a very big obstacle in my journey.

Being that I was a former Cheerleader and gymnast I have always had bigger thighs and with the weight gain as I got older my weight seemed to want to go straight to the thighs, belly and booty.  Seeing the loss in those problem areas has been such a blessing.  It has taken me such hard work and dedication to finally get these results. 

There are days that I can hardly get up off the toilet from the leg work out that Ashley has me do….to be exact sometimes it takes me 3 days to sit down without hurting (lol) but it is such a great hurt!  The temporary pain (good pain) of a work out is so worth the long term results that I will achieve.

So what did I lose this past week?  I went down another 1-3/4 inches and am very proud!  I work hard for my results and I am so glad that I found Ashley at Fierce Forward.  A true blessing to me at the exact time I needed it.

Grand total of inches lost is 16-3/4 in 7 Weeks time!  Wooooo hoooooo, bring on the next 5 weeks!  Lets kick it in high gear and continue melting this fat away and bringing on the muscle 🙂


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