Lock Laces Review

Lock Laces Review

I have never tried Lock Laces before so I jumped at the opportunity to do so.

I have had issues with my shoes slipping off while doing Mountain Climbers and other exercises in the gym. I would have to stop what I was doing and fix my shoes quite often. What a pain in the butt this was!

If you don’t know about Lock Laces they are an Elastic Shoelace Fastening System that is Easy to Use, have Stretch Fit Comfort, Locked In Safety and Water Resistant. Lock Laces can be used by Women, Men and children (age 5 & up) and come in many different colors.

Another great reason that I love Lock Laces is that they are a great supporter of Autism. As a person who has friends with children who have Autism I see the daily struggles that they encounter with their children and I am so happy that Lock Laces are there for these families.

So without further hesitation I give Lock Laces 2 thumbs up! My shoes NEVER slipped off doing Mountain Climbers or any of the other exercises that I did including Intervals on the Arc trainer as well as weight training and burpees. Lock Laces are the real deal and I have a new love for these laces! I will be getting me some more of these amazing Shoelaces!

For more information on Lock Laces go to

You won’t be disappointed!


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