Weeks 8-9 Of Fierceness

First I apologize for no Blog update for my 12 weeks of Fierceness.  Life has been just a tad bit crazy and my time has been limited.

So with weeks 8 and 9 of going to the Fierce Side I have to say that my eating has been less then perfect.  Again, I am human and I stumble.  I have not eaten enough if the truth should be known and this alone can cause issues just as much as eating too much.  My work outs have being going good with the exception I took 3 days off last week instead of 2 but I honestly needed that time.  My brain was fried and my body was tired.  We must always listen to our bodies and what they are saying.

I still love working with Ashley Johns at Fierce Forward and doing so has been the best decision that I have made in a very long time! 

So during weeks 8-9 I lost 2-1/4 inches off of my body.  I am still getting smaller by the day and am very proud to say that in the 9 weeks since working with Ashley I have lost a total of 19 inches from my body.

Am I where I need to be yet, No….But I am getting there One Day At A Time – One Step At A Tiime. 


One thought on “Weeks 8-9 Of Fierceness

  1. Progress not perfection. I love that you are not hard on yourself but observant and inspiring to just do what u can right now and each day. Xo

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