12 Week Fierce Finale I Am Not Broken – Just Bent

12 Week Fierce Finale I Am Not Broken - Just Bent

My 12 weeks with Ashely have come to a close but my journey continues on. I am so proud of my results and not only that I am proud of how much stronger that I have become within myself.

Let us back track to 12 Weeks ago when I decided to take on this journey with Ashley.

On April 11, 2013 my almost 26 year marriage was finalized in divorce. The months leading up to this day I had put back on 20lbs of the 92 that I had lost. My life is very personal so therefore most people had no clue what I was going through. The reasons behind our split is our business and nobody elses and I want to keep it this way as we are still friends and still communicate. I had become broken on the inside which resulted in me being broken on the outside as well.

Fast forward now to May 13, 2013. This is the day that I chose to take my life back and to not let any one or anything stand in my way to being the happiest and healthiest that I could be. I was not going to let life circumstance hold me back and keep me down. I wanted to take on this challenge with Ashley and I wanted to be successful. Before joining Fierce Forces with Ashley I dropped 7 lbs of the 20 that I had gained.

One of my goals during the past 12 weeks was to learn to be Independent – just call me Ms. Inependent because I am and I am loving it! I have also taken my maiden name back as this is a step forward in rebuilding My Life as an Independent Woman. I wanted to become unbroken….and whole again. Well, I have put the broken pieces back together and I am not broken any longer, maybe just a little bent 🙂 I wanted to learn from one of the best people in the industry who has actually walked in the shoes of someone like me and that is why I chose Ashley, because she is real. She and I have a lot of similarities and she can relate to my feelings in a lot of areas.

Fast forward to the NOW…I am down 21-3/4 inches off of my body. That is almost 2 feet of inches GONE!!! I did not lose any weight but at the beginning of this Fierce journey I had decided I would not let the scale define me. I am more toned, more fit and more alive then I have been in a long time. My tush is actually not hanging down on the baack of my legs and I actually have defined quads and hamstrings. My shoulders and back work outs have been my favorite! I like seeing the changes that have happened in those areas 🙂

So without further ado, here are the break down of my results.

Chest Down – 1 3/4
Waist Down – 3 1/4
Wasit Line at Belly Button Down – 3 3/4
Hips Down – 2 1/4
Left Thigh Down – 4 1/4
Right Thigh Down – 3
Left Arm Down – 1 1/2
Right Arm Down – 1
Left Knee Down – 1
Right Knee Same

So when you see that the scale is not moving do not get discouraged. If you are working out, eating clean and building muscle the inches will fall. Never – Ever let the scale define your success! These results are my greatest Non Scale Victory and I will gladly take this victory! Here is to the rest of my life!!! The journey continues on!


2 thoughts on “12 Week Fierce Finale I Am Not Broken – Just Bent

  1. Beth @ Racing Robsons says:

    Awesome job on the challenge! You are getting stronger in every way possible! And yup, I love those compression socks!

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