Diamond Candles = WOW

Diamond Candles = WOW

I am a lover of smell good things and candles are at the top of that list. When the opportunity came to review with Diamond Candles I jumped at the chance because #1 I love Candles and #2 Each and every candle holds a beautiful ring. Yes, you heard me correctly. Each one of Diamond Candles holds a beautiful ring so it is definitely a win win situation.

I love the different fragrances that you can choose from at I am a Island Loving girl and I love the tropics so it was only natural for me to choose this candle names Island Getaway. The candle burns smoothly and is made of Soy. Patience of letting your candle burn allows you to find the golden wrapper that has a wonderful surprise inside.

I was like a child when that golden wrapper appeared. I got my wrapper out and diligently opened up my package to find this pretty ring that just so happened to be my daughters birthstone. Right away I knew it would go to her.

Each ring in every candle is values between $10 – $5,000. You heard me correctly 🙂

Now is your chance to win your very own Diamond Candle 🙂 Click on the link and register to win today.


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