Melinda Watson walked in to the doors of Inspired Fitness on October 24, 2011 defeated. Her head was hanging down low and she had a very hard time looking me in the face to talk to me. Melinda filled out her paper work and all the while never made eye contact with me. I knew who Melinda was in passing and we had actually coached against each other in Jr. Pro Basketball but as far as a friendship we really did not have one at that time. What I did know was that when Melinda walked in to that studio I knew I wanted to help her. I could tell without a shadow of a doubt that she needed me and Inspired Fitness.

After Melinda filled out her paper work we got her weight and measurements then began the process of going thru her Fitness Test. During this fitness test Melinda did every single thing that was asked of her without any hesitation and without question. On this day 2 years ago Melinda was only able to perform pushups on the wall and let me tell you what she was not happy one bit about having to do them on the wall but she did them and perfected them. On this day, by the time we were finished with her tasks at hand, I could see that her defeat had turned in to DETERMINATION!

After one month Melinda decided to turn her 1 month trial into a contracted membership to the studio as well as investing in some One On One Personal Training. It was without a doubt a very liberating experience for her and she took every session to heart and improved every single week. Melinda came in to that studio day after day and busted her butt. Melinda set goals for herself and I will never forget 2 of her main goals. 1: To perform military style pushups on the floor 2: To touch her toes when stretching. It was my goal for Melinda to look me in the face and to keep her head up with pride while walking or running on the treadmill and in every day life.

I am proud to say that Melinda Watson has now accomplished all of those goals and so much more! Melinda has awesome form and pushups are now one of her most favorite exercises. She has even perfected the ankle crossed pushups. She can now stretch with great ease and touch her toes. She runs and walks with her head held high with pride and she looks me in the eyes as well as others that she comes in contact with.

As of today Melinda has lost 100 lbs. What is so much more greater than that is that she has gained self worth and has realized that her life is worth fighting for. She has found within herself the person that she has known she has always been. The athlete that she was in high school is back and that fighting spirit of a true warrior shows! Melinda has also become a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Boot Camp Instructor.

I am blessed to say that over these past two years not only was I Melinda’s trainer but she and I have become Best Friends! I truly believe that God places people in our lives for a reason! Melinda, you are a TRUE INSPIRATION to me and MANY, MANY MORE! Your work is not done! There is more to do and we will continue walking this road together helping others that need us!


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