The Skinny on Strong Like Kara

The Skinny on Strong Like Kara

I have been given the opportunity to get to know this young and beautiful lady. It is kindof funny how we became friends. I lived in Texas for 15 years and in the same town as Kara for at least 10 of those years. I knew the Saha family and Kara was a child right in the middle of the ages of my two children. It was not until a couple of years ago that Kara and I actually got in contact with each other through a mutual friend. I am so blessed and proud to introduce you to this amazing young lady who has fought the battle of obesity and WON! This is her story in her own words. I hope you can draw strength from Kara and it helps you to #rethinkyourday

“So let’s just say I’ve always been the typical southern girl, plus a few extra pounds (okay, plus a lot of extra pounds). I was raised in a rural community on the middle coastal region of Texas (GOD BLESS TEXAS <3). My family has known no other lifestyle than that of the farming family; the farm is where my roots have been planted.

Physically, I did work on the farm. I raised show animals and participated in some school sports, yet I was severely overweight. Being the happy fat kid was my role in school and in the community, and that’s what I was; fat and happy. You could say I had it all, and then some (those extra pounds I mentioned). Although I was almost always content with life, no one REALLY likes to be overweight.

My first weight loss attempt started at the green age of thirteen. I joined a gym and started attending the low-impact aerobics class a couple of times a week. The inches and even some pounds began to shed, but it was only a matter of time that I gave up the gym and the ‘diet food’. From then on, until age twenty-two, my weight was up and down losing or gaining twenty to thirty pounds every other year or so.

Finally, in my senior year of college, something went right in my approach to make a change. I started baby stepping my way into a regular exercise routine. Before I changed anything else, I made sure I was committed to the workouts. Again, the pounds dropped, but this time they STAYED away! I progressed through fitness as I learned about the science of exercise and eventually cleaned up my diet. Within four years, I had lost a shocking 120 pounds!
It is safe to say that nutrition and fitness have literally changed my life. Unlike most heavy people, I was not depressed (or battling weight related medical issues) as a morbidly obese young lady. However, I had NO idea of the life I was missing out on in life. Now that I am in shape I am able to engage in outdoor activities, shop in “regular” clothing stores and most importantly I can educate others. My love for fitness and health is so great that I actually studied to be and am now a certified personal trainer. The rewarding feeling I get in helping others to improve the quality of their lives is nothing short of amazing. Trust me, if I can do it, so can you. You just have to WANT it. The key to success is the desire to achieve."

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