As most people know when a person loses a large amount of weight there are some excess skin issues. Not only is the excess skin from the weight loss but from where I have had 4 previous abdominal surgeries including 2 C-Sections, Ovarian Cyst removal and finally a hysterectomy due to cancer.

With excess skin some health complications may occur because the rubbing of skin on skin. Sounds gross I know but I want to be completely honest with you as I go through this experience. I personally have experienced these issues and my family Dr. has deemed it medically necessary to have the skin removal surgery.

The first time I walked into the office of Dr. Breazeale I was nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof. For those of you that know me well know that I don’t get nervous nor do I embarrass easily. The staff made me feel very comfortable and at ease and Dr. Breazeale was amazing. We cut up and laughed which broke the ice and made me feel even more comfortable. Dr. Breazeale was very thorough and explained every single thing to me in terms that I could understand. We discussed several procedures and decided on what was best meant for my body. I could not have asked for a better Dr. and staff than those at The Breazeale Clinic. I am so glad that I made the choice to go see Dr. Breazeale and proud to announce that on Friday, December 13, I will be having an Extended Abdominoplasty which includes muscle repair.

Stay tuned as I continue on this journey and posting my thoughts and feelings as the date comes closer and closer.




Thru the years of my life I have fought to survive and be strong. My parents were told to prepare my funeral at the age of 18 months….That didn’t happen.

Growing up I was a normal child doing normal things that all children do. I was very athletic and in very good shape. I started cheerleading when I was 4 and self taught myself gymnastics until I was in high school then I started taking lessons.

At 22 my daughter was 6 months old and my son was 4 years old, I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer and by the time of the diagnosis it had already spread into my lymph nodes. I had to go thru a radical neck surgery that lasted over 7-1/2 hours then I went thru treatment. During this time period between the pregnancy and the cancer I had put on more than 140 lbs. At the age of 30 I was diagnosed again with another form of cancer but I never let it stop me or get me down.

Fast forward to September 15, 2009….This is the day that once again my life could have ended but did not. I was swept out in to the ocean by a rip tide and I weighed in at a whopping 277lbs. It was on this day that it really hit me that I had a purpose in life. My life had not been spared not once but 4 times and that was because I was meant to do something more.

January 25, 2010 is when my weight loss journey began. This journey has been a long one with many ups and downs. I have to say the ups are greater then the downs. I have lost more than 80 lbs…I became a Boot Camp Instructor as well as a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer… I left a great paying job with awesome benefits and I opened a Fitness Studio which now I have down sized to a small group training studio…I have gone thru a divorce after almost 26 years of marriage…I am back to looking for a full time job and am only training at night.

One thing still stands with me though and that is I know my purpose in Life is to help others who are walking in the shoes I have once walked. My purpose is to show people that Life is worth Living! Live if a Gift and we must take in every single moment of every single day and live it with great respect and a positive attitude.




Every year I get a team together for this amazing cause….The Buddy’s Race Against Cancer. All proceeds from the race stay right in East Tennessee and every penny goes to the cause and not to administration. As a TWO TIME CANCER SURVIVOR I am going to preach at you and let you know how very important it is to get your yearly check ups no matter how bad you hate them. Your Life depends on those check ups.

This 5k is something I look forward to every single year not only because I am on a committee but because I am a SURVIVOR and I am blessed beyond measure to be in the company of many other survivors and family members and friends of many who lost their battle to this dreadful disease. Buddy’s Race recognizes every cancer, there are so many, too many to name.

Thank you Buddy’s Race Against Cancer and Covenant Health for making this wonderful day happen! Ya’ll are an amazing group of people and I am proud to call you friends.




It has been a crazy couple of months for me or should I go ahead and say year. But honestly the past couple of months have been a whirlwind through life. A lot of changes and a lot mentally going on in my life and in my journey. I slipped off track and allowed life circumstances to get in my way.

Today is a new day and tomorrow I am beginning a 4 week program with Ashley Johns of Fierce Forward. It is a 4 week program because I have a big announcement that I am going to be making at the end of this week that will explain why only 4 weeks. During the next 4 weeks I am making a vow to myself to make me and my health a #1 Priority. I will do my best daily to stand accountable for my actions. I will push myself knowing that I can and knowing that I am worth it!

If I can do this so can you. Will you #rethinkyourday and live your life healthy? I know you can!