Final Two Days Leading Up to Surgery

Final Two Days Leading Up to Surgery

As the final two days are upon me for this next amazing step in my journey a lot of emotions are running through my head.

I have worked so hard to get this far and still have room for improvement. During this whole process my life has been such an up and down wave of emotions and life changing events but I have still managed to be successful.

I have never looked at my journey of finding myself, I have always known who I am. My journey has been all about creating the person I always knew that I was inside. Creating a life that is helpful to others, that Inspires others and touching lives that might not be touched by anyone else because they were never given a chance. Life is all about being the person you always dreamed of being and always wanted to be.

As I looked in the mirror this morning after getting out of the shower, tears were streaming down my face because I know without a shadow of a doubt my purpose on this Beautiful Earth is being full filled. I may be getting ready to go through a major transformation just like a Butterfly does but I will always still be who I am on the inside, that will not change. This surgery isn’t being done because I feel ugly it is being done because medically it needs to be and quite honestly I AM DESERVING AND WORTH IT!

Never cut yourself short in life. If you want something bad enough then reach out and go for it. Quit being scared of LIVING LIFE! You only have One to LIVE!


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