12 O’Clock Hour is Upon Me

12 O'Clock Hour is Upon Me

The 12 O’clock hour is upon me and I won’t be able to eat or drink anything until late tomorrow night. Let me tell you I am a true bear when I am hungry so I am going to apologize now if I say or do anything that may offend anyone while I am waiting for my surgery at Noon tomorrow.

I love my food and I am like a baby and on a food schedule. When my schedule is interrupted oh my, it just throws me in to a massive twitter….LOL (the words of my friend Bettina).

Please keep me and my family and very importantly keep the surgeons and staff in your prayers as they perform this lengthy procedure. With Dr. Breazeale on my side I feel totally confident that all will go well!

So I am asking you all to please say a little extra prayer….I am not nervous as of right now but I guarantee when I have to strip down naked and when Dr. Breazeale starts marking on me that is when the nerves will set in and the sweating profusely will begin.

Goodnight everyone!!!


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