One Week Post Op

One Week Post Op

Where do I start because quite honestly the first few days after surgery I do not remember. I can start by saying that I have no regrets at all for having the surgery done. The surgery is seriously no joke and the pain is a pain like no other. The incision has not been the problem but the muscle repair is what hurts the most. I never realized how much I used my core muscles until after having the surgery.

The incision runs from around the back of my left hip bone all the way around the front of my pubic bone to the back of my right hip bone. I came home with two drain tubes that are inserted down in my pubic area. The drain tubes are annoying but a must to have. I am used to being independent but this surgery does not allow you to be independent so I have had to have someone with me helping me out all week. For those of you that know me know that this is hard for me to ask for help.

I have to wear a binder around my abdomen to keep my core muscles tight and this is definitely a very uncomfortable thing but it is also very necessary. The first time I was allowed to take a shower at home and Kayla (my daughter) and Melinda (my best friend) removed the binder it was an overwhelming feeling…..I was scared that my muscles were going to fall, I got shaky and dizzy so needless to say the first attempt at a shower was not a success but I did look in the mirror at my belly and tears of joy streamed down my face. I have not had a flat belly since I was 22 years of age.

Today I am scheduled to go in for my One Week Post Op visit and I am hoping to have one of the drain tubes removed. I have no regrets what so ever and was blessed with having the best surgeon ever in Dr. Breazeale. Thank you to the entire staff at The Breazeal Clinic as well as the surgery center staff at Tennova in Knoxville, Tn. I could not have asked for anyone better as these groups of people.


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