The Ugly Truth About The Drain Tubes

The Ugly Truth About The Drain Tubes

So you ask me “What Do The Drain Tubes Look Like”? Well here they are….in all of their glory. They are ugly and look nasty but are a very important part of the healing process of the type of surgery that I had.

I was hoping to get at least one of the drain tubes out at my visit on Friday but I still had so much drainage going on that they both had to remain. To me that was actually a good sign because that means my body is healing well and the drainage is not pooling up inside and I won’t have to have the fluid aspirated by a needle.

I have to empty the drainage balls and measure the output for the doctors office two times a day. I have to honest with you it is pretty gross. I have learned that the more I walk around the house the more drainage there is which is a good thing to get it all out. Once the output of the drainage gets below a certain point in a 24 hour time period I will be allowed to have one of the drain tubes removed.

Taking a shower is a fun time. We actually have to put a shoe string through the tabs of the drain tubes and hang the shoe string around my neck. This keeps the drain tubes safe to where they will not be pulled on and trust me, you don’t want to tug any least little bit on these things because it is very uncomfortable.

If any of you are looking at having surgery like I did you need to be prepared for all of the ups and downs that come with it. There are many emotions that come in to play. I have never regretted this decision but life has kindof been put at a stand still because I am limited to what I can do. The muscle spasms are crazy because with the muscle repair that was done the muscles are in there trying to heal and I can feel them going crazy inside my abdomen.

Be prepared and make sure you have someone who can be with you to help you out at all times. I am fortunate enough that I have my daughter Kayla and my best friend Melinda who have been with me every step of the way.


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