Well what an eventful third week of recovery it has been. On the second week after surgery I had one of my drain tubes removed and everything was perfectly fine. I didn’t even feel the tube being removed. After we left the Dr. office I was hungry so we went to Smoky Mountain Brewery to eat. Once we ate I thought it was a brilliant idea to go to Victoria Secret to buy me some smaller panties since I am now missing 6lbs of skin that I was carrying around on my lower abdomen.

We got home around 5:30 and that is when hell broke lose. I was in so much pain and so very sick. I thought that I came down with a virus or that it could have been the partial Ruben Sandwich I had eaten. During the night I began running fever and all day on Saturday I was so sick and kept a fever. Melinda called the Dr. and they promptly put me on the highest powered antibiotic as well as me staying on the antibiotic that I was already on. I couldn’t however start the antibiotic until Sunday because it was so late and no pharmacy was open. I then had to be at the Dr. office at 8:30 am on Monday morning.

I got to the Dr. office and I was still sick and running fever, by this time I was so emotional and yes I was crying because I was supposed to have a flawless process. I am the strong one I am not supposed to get an infection. I was not supposed to be weak. It was during this meltdown that Tammy at Dr. B’s office knelt down in front of me and reminded me of how far I had come in my life and how strong I had been through this entire process thus far and also how I had held myself together and stayed strong during this past year. Melinda was reminding me the same thing but at that time I felt so very weak.

Once in the exam room, Eve, checked me out and verified that yes I did have a pretty nasty infection. She marked the infection areas which covered my entire left hip and right above my incision and right below my incision. She took several pictures and sent them to Dr. B and then called him and they came up with the game plan of my treatment. Keep my antibiotics up, both of them, eat tons of yogurt, keep the drain tube in so that the infection could continue draining out of my body and then return the next day to be looked over again. The next day I returned and the infection was better but I had to go back again on Thursday so that Dr. B could examine me. Thursday came and I felt like a whole new person….far from being 100% but my goodness I felt human. He told me I was healing great, the infection was clearing very well and that I was doing fabulous.

Fast Forward now to Friday night at 9:30pm. I came back to my room to go to the bathroom and when I sat on the toilet (yes I know TMI but I told ya’ll it was going to be honest) and noticed that my drain tube had come out about 3 inches….this freaked me out a little. I drained my drain tube ball but when I tried to re-suction the ball it would not work. This was the tell tale sign that the drain tube was no longer engaged but had come loose. Again, Melinda called Stacy with Dr. B’s office and explained everything and Stacy said exactly what I was afraid of…..”Melinda, you will have to pull the drain tube” Melinda responded with an “OH MY”! So here we go….I go and get Kayla and she gets the gloves and we go back to my bedroom and Melinda goes to work. It took maybe 5 seconds to pull and I honestly did not feel a thing. I go back Monday to the Dr. and we will see how things are looking then to determine the next step.

Once again I am blessed to have Melinda and Kayla here with me. My nerves, emotions and strengths have definitely been tested and I do believe that once again I am coming out stronger! I am a SURVIVOR and I will come out VICTORIOUS!!! This too shall pass 🙂


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