Road Blocks Are a Part of Life and in my Healing Process

Road Blocks Are a Part of Life and in my Healing Process

I am sorry I haven’t blogged for a bit but things have been all over the map for me these past two weeks of recovery.

Last Thursday my post op visit with Dr. Breazeale was fabulous. Healing was going great, I was still taking antibiotics and things finally looked to be going in the right direction. I was given the thumbs up to start riding the recumbent bike as well as lifting very light weights. We all know how exciting that is for me right!!! 🙂

Fast Forward to Tuesday of this week (1/14/13). I noticed some swelling going on in the left side of my lower belly. I had just finished the last of my antibiotics on Sunday. The swelling was tender and I knew exactly what was going on, my belly was accumulating fluid and it was not a pretty sight. Wednesday the swelling was worse so while at work I went to the school nurse and she confirmed what I believed and that was definite fluid build up. Once again I took a picture of the area and we sent it to the Dr. so they could tell us what we needed to do. Of course I knew what the answer would be so off Melinda and I went to Knoxville so that they could check it out. Once again it was confirmed there was fluid as well as some redness so Stacey and Eve both decided that I needed to be put on another round of antibiotics and they also took pictures of my belly for Dr. Breazeale to view and I had to return to his office today to see him personally.

Today in the office Dr. B walks in and automatically gives me a hug. He is such a great Dr. and is very caring. I showed him my belly and of course he was squeezing and mashing trying to see exactly what was going on. Well he looked up at me and said ok we are going to have to drain in. That is when the big needle comes out (YIKES). Dr. B ended up draining 80 ML of fluid from my belly plus I had a spot directly on my incision that had what looked to be a little abcess and it had to be drained as well so I had to be poked with a needle there as well….oh my the stuff that came out, nasty.

I told Dr. B “I have done every single thing right. I have followed all the rules that you have given but my body is just pissing me off”. He replied with “I know you have done everything but there are some things that none of us can control and right now my biggest concern is getting you completely healed and taken care of”. I love this man! He is one open and honest man and I will always know where I stand with him and my health.

I will return to his office tomorrow to have more fluid drained and I am fine with that. I will continue doing everything I am supposed to do. I will continue taking my antibiotics and I will continue fighting. This is just another bump in the road, a little detour, a road block, but I will keep driving!

In the end, In time, things will fall right in place and I will be 100% and ready to move forward in a life of health and happiness!


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