What is Bondi Band you ask? Well let me tell you who they are in their own words.

“After extensively searching, but unsuccessfully finding, a fun, fashionable headband that did not slip, Rebecca Buckley, Founder of Bondi Band, received the inspiration to create her own line while vacationing in Bondi Beach, Australia.

After returning home from Bondi Beach, the experiment and development process began. She created the perfect design, incorporating elements of both function and fashion, and began hand sewing Bondi Band headbands in her hometown of Lewiston, Maine in February 2005.

Although Bondi Band began with only headbands, it has expanded to a full line of headwear, compression products and accessories in comfortable, colorful options to fit every lifestyle and personality for active women, men and children.

Bondi Band’s philosophy is to make great products at a great price and deliver superior customer service.

Along with offering functional unisex, high quality, American Made products, Bondi Band donates 10% of all profits to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts.”

So why Bondi Band you ask? I ask you Why not? Cancer research is near and dear to my heart. Being a two time cancer survivor I feel that it is very important to continue with research and development and using sources that we can to find a cure. Bondi Band is so gracious in donating proceeds to Cancer research and for that I am so very thankful! Thank you Bondi Band for all that you do.

My son is a Bondi Band lover as well. He has a thick head full of curly hair and he sweats a lot as well. he loves these bands because it keeps his curly hair off of his forehead and keeps the sweat from running down in his eyes. I love this band as well because I sweat mostly in my head and on my face. This band is great and is so multifunctional. So come on what are you waiting for? Go to and browse their store. You won’t be sorry


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