WOW 6 weeks Out from Surgery!

WOW 6 weeks Out from Surgery!

What a great way to end my Dr. appointment yesterday at Dr. Breazeales office. I asked about getting on the Arc Trainer and the answer from Eve was “Yes you can but make sure to take it easy. You may feel a little funny at first but that is normal but of course go ahead and try.” So try I did and I enjoyed every minute of it. 10 minutes doesn’t sound a lot to most of you but those 10 minutes to me were heaven! I was so excited and I felt so good, I think I will try it again today 🙂 Not only did I get on the Arc for 10 minutes I rode on the recumbent bike for 5 miles and then I did a Bicep and Tricep work out. I did not do my usual routine and usual weights because I am not allowed to use direct core and I can’t life heavy so I used 8lb dumb bells and exercise bands. I never imagined lifting 8lb dumb bells would make me sore but I am and I am sooooo happy!!!!! I love this feeling and have missed it so much!

Yesterday Eve and Stacey drained 42 ml of fluid off from my belly. This time around it was a little more uncomfortable but not unbearable. They make sure that I am as comfortable as possible. It is a necessary procedure to go through and believe it or not it is not an uncommon thing to have to go through. I am still on antibiotics and still have to wear a binder 24 hours a day 7 days a week except for showers. The binder helps with the fluid so I will continue doing everything that they ask of me.

Again, I am so thankful to have a group of people that care so much about not only me but about all of their patients. I am blessed to be in this family at The Breazeale Clinic….Love them all!


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