10 Signs of An Eating Disorder

You may ask “How do I know anything about eating disorders”?  Well let me tell you I have been there. 

When I was in High School I weighed in at 133lbs and thought I was FAT…..Yeah ridiculous right?!!  I was a cheerleader and also a gymnast and it seemed like I was one of the most stout cheerleaders so I was always a base when it came to stunts.  I decided one day that I was tired of being a base and I wanted to be in the air.  I got the bright idea to Quit Eating!  My food daily consisted of a Diet 7-up and one small bag of Funyona.  Sounds tasty right?  NOT!!!

Within 2 weeks of starving I went from 133lbs and looking healthy to 108lbs and looking frail, thin and not so good.  I did however get a chance at being on the top of a pyramid and I have to admit I hated it!  I wanted my base spot back.  I felt awful and had no energy and I began losing my hair.  My dad threatened me and told me I had better start eating or in a treatment facility I would go.  It was very hard for me to gain weight back but slowly I did.  I finally gained to 115lbs and felt a lot better. 

I look back at that time in my life now and I think “how in the world did I allow myself to get that way?  How could I even think that I was fat?’  I didn’t have low self esteem, I had plenty of friends but the one thing I didn’t have and wanted was total control of something.  So food was my source of control. 

If you suspect a friend or family member has an eating disorder please don’t badger them, don’t shame them and don’t throw food at them…all of those things just make it worse and it makes them want to have even more control and you can do more damage then good.  What you can do is Love them, offer them a shoulder to cry on.  Explain why you are concerned without mentioning their specific eating pattern and behavior and let the person know that there have been many people who have overcome eating disorders and live great and fulfilling lives.

10 Signs Of An Eating Disorder

1.  Drastic Weight Loss ( this was me)

2. Pre occupation with counting calories

3. The need to weigh yourself numerous times a day (this was me)

4. Excessive Exercise (this was me)

5. Binge Eating or purging

6. Food rituals, skipping food groups all together and rearranging food on your plate so it looks like you at. ( this was definitely me!)

7. Avoiding meals and/or eating alone. (this was me)

8. Taking diuretics and/or laxatives.

9. Smoking to curb appetite

10. Persistent view of seeing yourself as fat and this gets worse despite weight loss (this was me)

Thank you Fit Bottom Girls for this list!  Thank you for reminding us all that this is a definite issue.


Judge Not! I am posting this in Hopes of helping others.

Judge Not!  I am posting this in Hopes of helping others.

Ok…I know some of you are going to scroll straight to the picture and not even read the story behind the picture and that is fine. I will tell you if you don’t read it you will not understand me at all and what I have been through to get where I am today.

The girl in the top picture is a person who has gone through a lot in her lifetime, probably more than any one person should endure. I gained and lost a substantial amount of weight. During the time that I was obese I was ridiculed by some people. I was made fun of for being “fat” and I was told on several occasions “You Have Such a Pretty Face”. Who out there has heard that line? In others words what they were trying to say was Your face is pretty but your body is not.

Fast Forward: Anyone who has lost a substantial amount of weight knows that there will be excess skin. The picture on top is me in all of my glory showing you what I have kept covered up with clothes. Yep, we can all cover up body blemishes with clothes but when we look in the mirror naked….OH MY it is a different story. My body was one that grossed people out and I totally understand that because I didn’t like looking at it myself. I personally was not happy with what I saw in the mirror. What I saw in the mirror was not who I felt that I was. The excess skin was causing many issues and as you can see was pretty saggy in the top picture. My family doctor and I decided that it was in my best interest to have it removed,

Once the decision was made I went to the best doctor and staff that a girl could ever ask for and that is Dr. Breazeale at the Breazeale Clinic in Knoxville. Dr. B and his staff have been amazing throughout my full ordeal. This has not been a easy road by no means but it is something that I would do all over again. The bottom picture is from yesterday. I am still swollen 10 weeks out and am still having some scar tissue issues due to the infection I got. My belly button in the top picture and the belly button in the bottom picture are not the same. You see that whole midsection at the top? That is 6lbs of excess skin that he removed. He repaired all of my muscles in my stomach as trauma from being an athlete as well as having babies and gaining and losing a bunch of weight caused them to be pretty much gone. Dr. B made me a new belly button as well and I no longer have that excess skin at the top. I am now proudly carrying around with me a flat belly as well as some great ab muscles.

Surgery is definitely not for everyone and I know that what I have gone through with the complications that I have had may steer people away but all of us are different. None of us ever imagined I would have had to endure what I have throughout this process but I was the lucky one. I have to also state that without the amazing and understanding staff at Dr. B’s office this would have been so much harder. Stacey, Eve, Tammy, Macey and the rest of the girls have been SUPER!!

Some people are going to say “Well You took the EASY way out by having surgery”. All I can tell you is that if you believe that you don’t know me at all. You haven’t witnessed the countless hours in the gym busting my butt to lose the weight that I lost and to get healthy. You haven’t walked a mile in my shoes and don’t know what it is like to cheat death and survive cancer not once but twice. You don’t know what it is like to about drown out in the ocean. You don’t know what it is like to have someone tell you that it makes them sick to look at you naked. Yeah you go ahead and try to walk a mile in my shoes, I guarantee you that you would kick them off and run the other direction because you may not be able to handle the road that I have traveled and honestly I would not want you to. It was my road to travel and it is my life. All that I have been through has helped mold me to the person I am today. Strong! Confident! Courageous! Loving! Compassionate! and I hope INSPIRING!


Craftsby Randi Unique and Personalized Gifts Review

Craftsby Randi Unique and Personalized Gifts Review

Craftsby Randi is a local business in Metter, Georgia that is owned and operated by Randi Matthews. Randi makes various arts and crafts specializing in hand-stamped metal jewelry, hand-painted wooden door hangers, and she host local paint parties.

Every thing is custom made and there are no cookie cutter pieces….You order what you want and she makes it for you.

I received my necklace last week and I love it. My necklace is valued at $18 and is very personal to me. The heart is representative of the fact that I LOVE LIFE…Walk By Faith that is stamped on the heart is what I have to do on a daily basis and have done all of my life…the feet represent my walk and the Red stone represents Survivorship. The chain is a standard ball chain that comes with any necklace that you order. I personally chose to take my charms off of this chain and put them on my own chain. The ball chain is nice but I wanted to dress my necklace up a little bit more.

The workmanship on Randi’s pieces are flawless and I love the fact that she has so many choices that allows you to make the perfect piece that represents you and what you love. Check out Randi on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/craftsbyrandi or on Pinterest at http://www.pinterest.com/craftsbyrandi

I don’t think you will be disappointed. Head on over and LIKE her page and let her know I sent you. And remember…Walk By Faith!!!