Craftsby Randi Unique and Personalized Gifts Review

Craftsby Randi Unique and Personalized Gifts Review

Craftsby Randi is a local business in Metter, Georgia that is owned and operated by Randi Matthews. Randi makes various arts and crafts specializing in hand-stamped metal jewelry, hand-painted wooden door hangers, and she host local paint parties.

Every thing is custom made and there are no cookie cutter pieces….You order what you want and she makes it for you.

I received my necklace last week and I love it. My necklace is valued at $18 and is very personal to me. The heart is representative of the fact that I LOVE LIFE…Walk By Faith that is stamped on the heart is what I have to do on a daily basis and have done all of my life…the feet represent my walk and the Red stone represents Survivorship. The chain is a standard ball chain that comes with any necklace that you order. I personally chose to take my charms off of this chain and put them on my own chain. The ball chain is nice but I wanted to dress my necklace up a little bit more.

The workmanship on Randi’s pieces are flawless and I love the fact that she has so many choices that allows you to make the perfect piece that represents you and what you love. Check out Randi on Facebook at or on Pinterest at

I don’t think you will be disappointed. Head on over and LIKE her page and let her know I sent you. And remember…Walk By Faith!!!