10 Signs of An Eating Disorder

You may ask “How do I know anything about eating disorders”?  Well let me tell you I have been there. 

When I was in High School I weighed in at 133lbs and thought I was FAT…..Yeah ridiculous right?!!  I was a cheerleader and also a gymnast and it seemed like I was one of the most stout cheerleaders so I was always a base when it came to stunts.  I decided one day that I was tired of being a base and I wanted to be in the air.  I got the bright idea to Quit Eating!  My food daily consisted of a Diet 7-up and one small bag of Funyona.  Sounds tasty right?  NOT!!!

Within 2 weeks of starving I went from 133lbs and looking healthy to 108lbs and looking frail, thin and not so good.  I did however get a chance at being on the top of a pyramid and I have to admit I hated it!  I wanted my base spot back.  I felt awful and had no energy and I began losing my hair.  My dad threatened me and told me I had better start eating or in a treatment facility I would go.  It was very hard for me to gain weight back but slowly I did.  I finally gained to 115lbs and felt a lot better. 

I look back at that time in my life now and I think “how in the world did I allow myself to get that way?  How could I even think that I was fat?’  I didn’t have low self esteem, I had plenty of friends but the one thing I didn’t have and wanted was total control of something.  So food was my source of control. 

If you suspect a friend or family member has an eating disorder please don’t badger them, don’t shame them and don’t throw food at them…all of those things just make it worse and it makes them want to have even more control and you can do more damage then good.  What you can do is Love them, offer them a shoulder to cry on.  Explain why you are concerned without mentioning their specific eating pattern and behavior and let the person know that there have been many people who have overcome eating disorders and live great and fulfilling lives.

10 Signs Of An Eating Disorder

1.  Drastic Weight Loss ( this was me)

2. Pre occupation with counting calories

3. The need to weigh yourself numerous times a day (this was me)

4. Excessive Exercise (this was me)

5. Binge Eating or purging

6. Food rituals, skipping food groups all together and rearranging food on your plate so it looks like you at. ( this was definitely me!)

7. Avoiding meals and/or eating alone. (this was me)

8. Taking diuretics and/or laxatives.

9. Smoking to curb appetite

10. Persistent view of seeing yourself as fat and this gets worse despite weight loss (this was me)

Thank you Fit Bottom Girls for this list!  Thank you for reminding us all that this is a definite issue.

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