12 Weeks Post Op and Staying Committed to Me

12 Weeks Post Op and Staying Committed to Me

Today was my 12 week Post Op appointment with Dr. B at The Breazeale Clinic. If you have been following me then you know that my recovery has not been the best…that is up until now 🙂

Today I went in to see Dr. B and automatically I was assuming that I was going to need surgery again to repair what damage the infection had done on my left side. To my surprise Dr. B came in the room and said “Ok Trouble Let us see what we got”. With that I showed him my belly and incision and he was like “oh my, this looks wonderful…look at that flat tummy.” He told me that yes I did have some swelling still and a little over hang from the infection but at this point and time he did not want to go back in for more surgery. Dr. B feels that my body needs another 3 months of healing on its own and I am cool with that. I will continue doing daily belly massages to help the scar tissue and I will also need to continue to wear a compression tank during the day.

So, I am now FULLY RELEASED to live life and go full force with my workouts and I have NO LIMITATIONS! I am free to continue living life to the fullest and I will stay COMMITTED to ME and MY HEALTH and do all that Dr. B told me to do in order to keep healing in a positive direction!

I go back to see Dr. B on June 5th, the day before my 47th birthday and I believe it will be the best birthday yet!