Transformation Tuesday….Being Patient and Still Healing

Transformation Tuesday....Being Patient and Still Healing

Today on this Transformation Tuesday I found that it was time to actually show you all the scar and the spot where the infection I got took control.

This has definitely been a process but a journey I would 100% do over again.

The top picture shows you my scar that goes from hip to hip. The top picture you can also see the uneven area on my left side. This is the side my infection was and where I had to have fluid aspirated for 6 weeks. When having to be needle aspirated there is always a chance that you will have this seroma look. The process for this healing and the swelling to go down is a process that takes so much patience with my body. Dr. B wants me to give my body time to heal on its own and does not want to rush in to surgery to do a repair without me allowing my body to heal the way that it can. Every day I do massages on my belly and on my scar to help the healing and to break down the scar tissue. It is a little painful but very tolerable.

Right now I am also dealing with Phantom signs of still feeling like I have this skin hanging down. Even though I know I don’t have the skin I feel it still on me when I get in the bath tub. For those of you who have excess skin after a big weight loss you know what it is like to take a bath and shower and having to lift your skin up to bathe as well as to sit in the tub and having that skin lay on your legs. I still catch myself feeling the skin sticking to my legs when I sit in the tub but there is nothing there. I am hoping this feeling goes away because honestly it is VERY ANNOYING. My belly button is new so there is dark scarring around it. I am now allowed to use scar gel to help the process of toning the scarring down on my belly button and on my big scar. No tanning beds are allowed because that will make the scars worse by darkening them so I will only be getting spray tans until I can get outside and tan using some sunscreen and of course being in a bathing suit.

I have learned through this entire process so many things and PATIENCE is the #1 thing that you have to have. Healing does not happen overnight, it takes time. Yes, the swelling is still there but it can also be covered up with a swim suit and panties. You cannot see the swelling in my clothes either but I know it is there.

I go back to Dr. B on June 5th, the day before my 47th birthday and I am praying that this seroma look is GONE!!! In the mean time I am continuing on my path of health and fitness. I will continue to do all that I can to help my healing and to remain on a path of success and happiness.


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