MIA No More

I have been a little MIA lately with blogging. A whole lot has been going on in my life and to be quite honest I haven’t much felt like blogging.

Guess what?  That changes today.  Today a whole new Outlook on life reared its head and I felt so alive.  You ask what it is that got me today? 

I have always wanted to try to run a Half Marathon or a Full Marathon.  It has always been a bucket list item and a personal goal.  Sadly, because of the shape my knees are in they are out of my reach….. So I thought they were any way.  Guess what?  It is going to happen, in a relay format, and  I will be running with 3 very special people.  My daughter Kayla and my 2 amazing friends Melinda Watson and Laura Johnson.

Melinda and I started training yesterday and Kayla and Laura are already runners and are working on their speed and distance. Today, while running, something just came over me and I realized “I am really going to do this and I am so proud of myself and proud of my team mates  who are very special to me”.

I am staying committed to myself, my girls and my plan.  I Can and I Will!  ONE STEP AT A TIME