Ruthless Runners

This was a very emotional race for me.  I have never experienced a race where women poked fun at other race participants as well as the same group cheating through the course as I did here in PCB. It ripped at my heart because I was the one who was being poked fun at because I am slow.  These women did not know my story nor did they know how far I have come NOBODY had that right.  I finished this race unofficially in 48 minutes but I FINISHED STRONG and I did not cheat.  When I crossed that finish line I broke down and it hit me hard of just how cruel people are but most of all what hit me hardest was that thru adversity and tears I was a TRUE CHAMPION at that race because I was honest and I have busted my ass to be where I am at today. The moral of this story is EVERYONE HAS A STORY and everyone’s life has meaning!

Don’t be a Ruthless Runner but instead encourage those around you because I guarantee that you wouldn’t want you walk a mile in their shoes. You probably couldn’t bear the load of hardships and sadness that she/he carries.


It’s the Finish That Counts

Today was another great training run for the marathon relay.  I am truly Blessed to have such a special group of team members.  My daughter Kayla who makes running look so easy.  She Cheers me on every time we cross paths during our training.  My cool and ever so funny friend Laura Johnson who runs with great ease and grace.  My best friend Melinda Watson who has dropped 100 lbs and is doing an outstanding job on the training runs.  Then you have me, I run at a snails pace but non the less I am running.  I am reaching for my goal of finishing this Relay and marking yet another item off my bucket list.

This does not come easy to me.  I have to be very careful with my knees so I am taking the training approach very seriously.  I cannot run like anyone else but myself.  Currently I am walking 4 minutes and running 1 minute and 15 seconds.  I do this interval 9 times and next week I will increase my run time and decrease my walk time. After the training I make sure to stretch for a good 20 to 25 minutes.  Stretching is the best part!

I am very thankful that these 3 beautiful ladies have agreed to take this goal of mine on with me. I couldn’t ask for any better!  ONE STEP AT A TIME!  It’s not about how fast I run but instead it’s that


I finish! 🏃👟✔🙌