Ruthless Runners

This was a very emotional race for me.  I have never experienced a race where women poked fun at other race participants as well as the same group cheating through the course as I did here in PCB. It ripped at my heart because I was the one who was being poked fun at because I am slow.  These women did not know my story nor did they know how far I have come NOBODY had that right.  I finished this race unofficially in 48 minutes but I FINISHED STRONG and I did not cheat.  When I crossed that finish line I broke down and it hit me hard of just how cruel people are but most of all what hit me hardest was that thru adversity and tears I was a TRUE CHAMPION at that race because I was honest and I have busted my ass to be where I am at today. The moral of this story is EVERYONE HAS A STORY and everyone’s life has meaning!

Don’t be a Ruthless Runner but instead encourage those around you because I guarantee that you wouldn’t want you walk a mile in their shoes. You probably couldn’t bear the load of hardships and sadness that she/he carries.



3 thoughts on “Ruthless Runners

    • andiswanson says:

      Thank you very much! Yes it was awful but I did however finish strong and I did not allow them to control me. I am continuing on my quest of running a Marathon Relay on March 29, 2015 and then running my very first Half Marathon in April. Thanks so much again!

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