Running by My Terms

I may be as slow as a snail slithering through peanut butter but I am doing it.  I am running by my terms and nobody else.  It is my life and my story so I am writing the book the way that I see fit.

I never dreamed that I would have ran as many races as I have this year but I chose to persevere through adversity and find a running plan that worked for me and my body.  No I don’t run the entire race at a runners pace but I always FINISH.  I choose to run my races interval style which is walking for a few minutes then running for a minute and a half.  This is what works for me and my body.  I also wear some amazing socks when I run and they are a constant reminder of what I need to do and that is FIGHT TO THE FINISH because I am a FIGHTER and I won’t give up.

If you would love to get in on the action and get some amazing socks to wear at your races, work outs or just to wear follow this link and order yours now.  Enter the code INSPIRE for a discount of 10% on your order.  These socks also make GREAT gifts for Christmas, birthdays or Just because!

With that being said remember this:  Run by your terms….there is no wrong way or right way it is just your way and what works for you.  NEVER EVER allow anyone to tell you that you are not a runner because you don’t fit a certain mold.  We are all made different, none of us are the same so just continue being you and doing your thing



2 thoughts on “Running by My Terms

  1. I love Sox Box! I have the Mother Runner, Gobble Gobble, and the Zombie Killa socks. They are definitely coming in handy during these chillier days. I completely agree about running in intervals. I have so much more energy and can keep a better pace than if I just run the entire way.

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