My First Half Marathon What an Experience It Was

This picture is in the rawest form possible. It shows true and heart felt emotion of a woman who had been told “You Will Never Be able to do a half marathon” these are raw emotions of a woman who in this same town 6 weeks ago was made fun of because I’m slow and I’m too big to run in races. These are the raw emotions that with the pure FIGHT-FIRE-DETERMINATION and NO QUIT attitude finished in under the alloted time a HALF MARATHON! Yes, I may be slow and I may not have a runners body but by golly I have My Body! The body my God gave me to live my life in. The body that has endured things that some should never have to. The body of someone who has worked hard for the past 4 years to lose weight, get in shape and be successful at it. This is the FACE and body of a WINNER and nobody will ever take that away from me! I crossed that finish line with pride and I will hold my head up high!  You see to me TIME does not truly matter…..What matters most to me was that I FINISHED and I FINISHED with great PRIDE!

I still cry thinking about it. This photo is so many emotions because the same place that those “bullies” were at 6 weeks ago was a group of amazing runners who welcomed me with open arms. Who cheered for me when I was only on mile 4 and they had already made the turn. Those runners waited for me to finish and cheered for me as I came down that final stretch and crossed that finish line just like I was a champion. It was an overwhelming feeling of Pride, self worth and FIERCENESS that nobody can and will ever take away from me. TEARS of TRIUMPH!

I am so grateful that the Panama City Beach Chamber of Commerce gave me this opportunity to come back to my favorite place in the United States to participate in this race.  I am glad that they listened to my concerns from the race I participated in 6 weeks prior.  Catherine and the rest of the Chamber in Panama City Beach were true gems and they have taken a stand against bullying at races and I am proud to be a part of their family from afar!!

Always remember, when you want to accomplish something dig deep within and Never Give Up!halfmarathon

I love PCB and I will be back and one day I hope to make it my home!


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