Don’t Stop Believing

Today, February 23, 2015 starts a new journey that I am starting.  As a lot of you know I have been having severe stomach issues, some caused by being Gluten intolerant, some food issues there are no reasoning behind my intolerance and the rest is caused from stress. 

Alot of people have said “Get rid of the stress in your life and you will remedy your stomach problems.” My answer to that is this…. If getting rid of the stress was that easy I would have done that a very long time ago.  I would have said “poof, stress be gone. ” Sadly though, in the REAL WORLD, it just doesn’t work like that, trust me I have tried.

I have been given a great gift to help me with my stomach issues and that gift was a 30 day program with ISOGENIX.  I’ve also been given a gift of a 30 Day membership to Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Center.  These two gifts combined are going to work together to help me work on destressing and getting my health and stomach issues in check.  I believe it will help with my stress as well because it puts alot of the guessing work out of figuring out my foods because I am drinking meal replacement shakes 2 times a day and consuming 1000 calories of whole foods a day between my snacks and my 1 meal.  I am cleaning all the toxins out of my body with Isogenix and going to be slowly reintroducing foods after my 30 days on this system to see exactly what it is that I need to stay away from.

I am excited, to say the least, about this amazing opportunity and can’t wait to feel ALIVE and WELL and HUMAN again.  I love the gym feel and have missed being in a gym atmosphere.  Yes, I have all of the equipment I need in my garage but it’s cold, too cold, for me to be out there and to be honest I don’t want any distractions.  I deserve to 100% concentrate on me and my health.

I will be blogging over the next 30 days about my journey and hope you will follow along. I will never stop believing that my life is meant to be nothing but great!  DON’T STOP BELIEVING, YOU ARE WORTH IT!