Death of a Hero


It is still so hard to believe that this amazing man is gone!

June 16, 1984 this man and his family came into my life.  I met his son Eric on a blind date and was also introduced to his parents Jerre and Carolyn Guthrie.  I fell in love with this family immediately.  In October of 1984 I learned I was pregnant with my now 30 year old son Andrew.  NEVER ONCE did Jerre or Carolyn make me feel bad nor did they ever make it out that getting pregnant was all my fault.  Instead, they opened up their lives and their home to me.  Whatever I needed they were always there to support me.  They were there then and 30 years later things have not changed….they have always stayed in my life.  Jerre performed the wedding ceremony of myself and his son Eric in April of 1987 and he was there for the birth of our daughter Kayla in August of 1989.

In 1990 I was diagnosed with cancer and once again he and Carolyn were both there to step in and help whenever possible.  Jerre, in my opinion, was a true Angel on this Earth!!  He never judged and always loved me.  He always made me feel like his daughter and nothing less.  He continued loving me thru some very, very difficult times in my life.

He baptized me at the age of 17 and baptized my son Andrew when he was 13 and daughter Kayla at the age of 10…..this was such a great experience and will always hold dear to me.

April 23, 2015 the devastating news and one of the worse heartaches I have faced happened….Jerre passed away at home while doing what he loved….working in his yard doing one of his many projects.  He had a massive heart attack and did not suffer.  His last words were “Honey” when he looked at Carolyn who was pruning her flowers. That was him telling her I love you in my opinion because this man adored his wife.  On April 26, 2015 we had the memorial service and it was such a hard time.  So many memories that flood my mind along with tears of sadness for losing such an amazing man, husband, father, father in law, uncle, brother, grand father and great grandfather.  He meant the world to us all and he will be missed so much.  He is our missing link in the family but we will all link together again some day.

Jerre Wayne Guthrie you may be gone from your Earthly home but you are never gone from my heart.  A true hero!  I love you, Andi