Be True to You and Your Journey

I’m probably going to lose some followers or make some folks mad but here goes.

Quit grasping at anything and everything to lose weight fast. All of these diet gimmicks that are out there set so many up for failure by making false promises and take your money.  Sure you lose weight fast but is it sustainable. NO it is not. The only true way of sustainable weight loss and healthy living is to eat clean, exercise, get adequate sleep and love yourself. It truly is a lifestyle change. If you can stay on your program for a lifetime then good. If it’s a 3 day diet then that should be your answer and show you it’s not for a lifetime. 

Be honest with yourself and realize that change is hard. Sometimes taking a long hard look in the mirror and realizing that yo yo dieting and fads are not the answer. Being true to yourself is


priority, if you can’t be true to you and the changes that need to take place then success is going to be so very hard.


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