Be Happy With You


In a world where everyone is so body conscience and there is so much body shaming I wanted to share with you the last 5 years of my journey. My highest weight was 277lbs. I was told by my doctor that I was the healthiest morbidly obese person he had seen. 😨 Really? How is someone who is morbidly obese healthy? 

At my lowest weight on the bottom left picture I weighed 182 lbs and I felt amazing. I was the happiest I had been in years. The picture which shows me at the strongest I weighed about 187. I was lean and had placed muscle where fat used to be. (I was trying to look like a warrior)… Lol I was VERY excited with this look but to me it still wasn’t good enough. I kept picking myself apart.

Fast forward to today 2015. Over the past year my body has gone thru so much. Thyroid levels out of whack, cortisol is out of whack and I’ve gained 35 lbs of which 25 of that had been in this past year. I’ve also learned that I’m allergic to everything outside in Tennessee where I live which has kept me sick. I’m still looking for a job which is added stress and on top of that I was not allowed to work out for 3 months. My food has been worse then it’s been in a long time but guess what… I’M BACK! I’ve been released to exercise, taking it slow of course. I’m journaling like a crazy woman but that’s what works for me.

I’ve done my fair share of body shaming myself and there is no excuse for it. I am human and life happens. Body shaming does nothing but make us worse and it makes us a victim at our own hands. We hurt ourselves when we body shame ourselves.

Yes I look at where I was when I started 5 years ago and I’m not at that place. Yes I look at where I was at my leanest and strongest and I’m not there either. I look at me today and I’m thankful and blessed that I’m still here. I’m still alive and still able to be on this journey in life. It reminds me that hard work pays off. It reminds me that all of this was done without the use of any pills, powders, wraps or magic potion. I am capable of getting lean and healthy and loving myself along the way. I will work on being the best version of me every single day all the while remembering I Am Worth It, I Am Worth It, I Am Worth It!

Instead of body shaming I will tell myself one thing positive about myself every single day and I invite you to do the same. Today my positive is this: My smile, I think my smile is nice😁. Now it’s your turn.