Be Good to Yourself


I will admit it! I am my own worse critic. I absolutely despise my legs, my arms are a close second and then I’ve got the good ole waddle chin.

It’s absolutely horrible how us women pick ourselves totally apart and give ourselves negative feedback everytime we look in a mirror. I am guilty as the day is long and that has got to change.

Every day I need to name one thing I love about myself. No, its not out of conceit but it has to come from self worth. We are all worthy to be loved by the one person we are meanest to and that is our own self.

So today I stand strong and say, I love my smile. My smile is mine, I’ve had it all my life and I love to make others smile by smiling at them.

Each day I promise to do my best to love myself for who I am on the inside while working on becoming healthier on the outside.

A kick in the Gut and a Huge Eye Opener


Yesterday while enjoying a great day with my daughter Kayla, grand daughter Josie and best friend Melinda, something happened at Dollywood that I had prayed would never happen again. Something that happened to me 5 years ago that for me motivated me to move forward in losing weight and becoming in shape and healthy. Yesterday as Kayla and I were boarding the Wild Eagle Roller Coaster, a coaster I’ve ridden several several times since it was built, I was unable to buckle my seat with ease on my own. A task that was always so easy was something I couldn’t do any longer.

I’ve gained 40lbs back of the 93lb that I lost and I’ve lost who I am and what I am worthy of along the way.

Yes my thyroid level being screwed up for 15 months helped with the weight gain but my lack of being motivated to exercise is the other reason. I’ve gotten lazy with exercise and yesterday with tears in my eyes and embarrassment on my face I rode the Wild Eagle for the last time as a person who is obese.

Today a new journey begins. Inhale the present, Exhale the past. Its all about me and thats just the way it’s going to be. I’ve got to do this. I’ve got to find myself, love myself and enjoy the journey. I’m so worth the fight it’s going to take but I’m willing to take on this battle and come out victorious!