Don’t Call Me Fat!

The other day I watched the video “Dear Fat People” and it disgusted me! Fat Shaming has gone too far and I’m very upset about it. I have personally been fat shamed and the one time that it really cut me to the core was during a 5k race.

I want to say this. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE FAT SHAMING ANYONE! YOU DON’T KNOW THEIR STORY AND YOU HAVEN’T TRAVELED THEIR JOURNEY. Personally for me I have NO THYROID, NONE, so my body depends on surviving on a  synthetic hormone and one little bit out of balance and the weight comes on. Other people have other diseases that hinder their weight. DON’T just assume we shove food down our throats all day long and DON’T just assume we are lazy. I can guarantee you that personally, I could run circles and out work some of you that are running your mouths. So before you speak think! Those people you are shaming could be like me, A 2 Time Cancer Survivor that fought amazing fights to be here. Who fights daily to be healthy and fit and who refuses to allow You, the Fat Shamers to control my life by your ignorance and true lack of caring.


With that being said, “Go Get a life and make it Positive”

All of you who are fighting with me. Keep it up! You are beautiful!


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