I’ve really been thinking long and hard on this post and toyed with some notions in my head but I’ve promised to always be honest so here it goes.

I am here on this Earth to live my life pleasing unto God. Not pleasing unto this person or that person or this group or that group.

You see its plain and simple, I am a 48 year old grown women. I have been through more then a lot of folks and a lot less then others. I work hard, I try my best, I am up front and honest and what you see is what you get. I make my own choices and have suffered consequences because of them….but I also learned very valuable lessons.

1. God is a MUST in my life first and foremost above everything else.
2. NEVER rely on anyone else for my happiness.
3. Just because I’m divorced doesn’t mean I am damaged goods. It just means God has the perfect plan for me with or without a husband.
4. Life is too short to be petty over things that really don’t matter.
5. Realizing that I am 100% in charge of my life, my life decisions and life choices.
6. I will continue to be just me. If you want to be a piece of my life great if not great. I surely won’t dwell on it.
7. Never again will I solely depend on another human to take care of me financially. That’s all on me and I am actually learning that I am doing pretty ok. I am doing just fine taking it one step at a time.

Just because your life decisions aren’t my life decision in regards to my health, wellness, fitness, personal life (which I have none) career choices, my status symbol (whatever that is) my life is not your life to judge. Instead of putting my life under a microscope take a hard look in the mirror at yourself because when you are pointing a finger at me, you have 3 fingers pointing back at yourself.

Don’t tell me I can’t reach goals and be successful because I will have no problem looking at you straight in your eyes and saying “WATCH ME”

The bible tells me “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God”
and this is my plan.



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